Calling Influencers and Social Media Stars!

Are you passionate about creating content for social media?  Are you a fan of SIWIEY hair, beauty and consumer products?  (If you're not already, we expect you will be.)  We are now looking for bloggers and influencers to become part of our brand Ambassador program.  We are looking for professionals interested in hair & beauty products. Influencers help spread the word about new and exciting SIWIEY products and receive free products in exchange for promoting SIWIEY's products on their social media channels. 


As a brand ambassador, you will: 

  • Be able to review the products you receive.
  • Receive a welcome PR box.
  • Eligible for additional sponsorship opportunities and future sales commissions.
  • Get free shipping and 20% off when shopping at SIWIEY later on.


Please enter your email and fill out the brief form on the page below.  If chosen, we will be let you know ASPA! Also, don't forget to include your shipping address so we can get your product shipped.


* Participants must be at least 18 years of age